Screening Machine Safety Features

Allgaier Process Technology’s Tumbler Screening Machine (TSM) can have up to five screening decks to allow material to be separated into six fractions. The TSM relies on a three dimensional action to maximize usage of each screen surface. This allows for high separation precisions of up to 99%. The system offers adaptation to meet most exacting requirements, and is used for fine and ultrafine screening. Equipment can contain potential ignition sources and must be certified for use when installed in a hazardous area. Allgaier screening machines are constructed to prevent ignition source as defined by DIN EN 1127-1. Each machine is tested and assessed for electrical and non-electrical ignition sources. This includes insulated parts that could accumulate electrostatic charge, electrostatic charge from the friction of the material, V-belts (in gas hazardous areas), hot surfaces (from rotating weights) and mechanically generated sparks. Allgaier has performed production model tests and assessments in accordance with the Atex Directive 94/9/EC. Allgaier implements the necessary quality assurance procedures as approved by a European Notified Body as per Appendix IV. Various special rules must be followed for screening machines. The installation location and space inside the machine must also be considered. Allgaier screeners are available in accordance to equipment category 1D/2GD (zone 20 inside, zone 21/1 outside). Specific models can be supplied in category 1/2G (zone 0 inside, zone 1 outside) for wet screening. Allgaier Screening Machines can be considered for complex screening tasks like processing dry materials with a solvent.