Custom Trailers

Talbert Manufacturing’s flexible and versatile Talbert 2+3+2 65-ton HRG (hydraulic removable gooseneck) East Coast Trailer features a gooseneck and flip extension to accommodate a tandem-axle jeep dolly. The unit is designed with the ability to add a tag- or pin-on axle to the jeep to allow a 3+3+2 axle configuration. Those operators without a 4-axle tractor can access the optional pin-on axle for the jeep to maintain axles that remain legal to scale the payload. Featuring 60-inch axle spacing, as well as an airlift on axle 3; and a chain lift on axles 1, 2, 4 and 5, this trailer is also capable of running with 3, 4 or 5 axles in a row without the booster. The trailer is equipped with a Cleral onboard scale system that meets trucking industry requirements.

Engineered with heavy-duty T-1 steel construction; upper-flange reinforcement on the deck; and stub-in under-deck cross members for extra support, the Talbert 2+3+2 65-Ton East Coast Trailer offers a 22-in. loaded deck height and is rated for 65-tons in any 14-ft of deck length. The unit is also adaptable to the addition of a future 10-ft deck section. The Talbert 65-ton East Coast Trailer has features that include a Honda pony motor to operate its hydraulic systems; connections for a PTO system; removable fenders over the tires; polished aluminum wheels; and more.

The Talbert 35-ton SRG Double Drop Trailer, differentiated by its aluminum pull-out system (2 ft on each side) that accommodates wider equipment pieces at lower heights. The unit features a lighter-weight mechanical removable gooseneck. Similar to all Talbert trailers, this model is designed with four hydraulic cylinders (versus two) for greater lifting capacity. With a 48-ft overall length, this air-ride, tandem-axle unit offers a 29-ft deck length with a rated 35-tons distributed, and 30-tons in each 10-ft of deck length; and an 18-in. loaded deck height with a 6-in. ground clearance. This customized unit offers heavy-duty T1 steel construction, and is equipped with strobe lights, battery backup, aluminum wheels and connections for a flip axle.