The Sharktooth for the Pocket Loc style rotor (available for MC, EC, SB, and MP series grinders) is made with a new manufacturing process that lowers the cost, offering a more cost effective choice for processing slabs and other forms of solid, small diameter feedstocks. A new tooth has been added for the Pocket Loc rotor, the Roto108. The Roto108 is a versatile tooth that provides reliable performance and good wear life when used for processing pallet waste, bark, and other feedstocks that may contain contaminants.

Rotochopper’s B-66 Asphalt Shingle Grinder has a grinding chamber design that reduces wear costs and downtime by limiting contact with abrasive shingle waste to replaceable, bolt-in parts. The rotor keeps material distributed evenly across the width of the grinding chamber, rather than pushing loose particles sideways, significantly reducing wear on the grinding chamber walls and rotor end caps. Comparatively, grinding rotors with offset helical tooth arrangements force abrasive fines to one side of the grinding chamber, creating uneven wear patterns and causing rapid wear on grinding chamber walls. In the B-66 SP, wear liners in front of the rotor act like funnels, channelling abrasive fines inward, away from the grinding chamber walls.

The grinding rotor can be equipped with different tooth styles to match raw material consistency, including indexable cast carbide teeth for asphalt shingles. Cast carbide combines the wear resilience of carbide with the superior tramp tolerance of steel. A complete set can be reversed or replaced in less than an hour. The replaceable mount rotor (patent pending) lets operators quickly swap tooth mounts, limiting downtime from severe impacts or excessive wear. A unique design locks each mount in place using two bolts—no pins, lock collars or inter-dependent mounts.