Coalitions Form Over LEED Development

In response to growing frustration over the revision of the dominant green building program, LEED, a coalition headed by the American Chemistry Council and aided by the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have formed a coalition to protest the proposed latest version of LEED and the direction the program is going.

This comes at a time when the General Services Administration is doing its required five-year review of green building programs it uses for federal buildings. The new coalition is requesting that GSA consider using alternative programs, such as Green Globes, for the federal buildings.

Another group made up of USGBC members have put together a letter supporting the direction of LEED, and sent it to USGBC and GSA to voice their approval of the use of LEED. However, the CMRA was approached by both viewpoints but the CMRA board decided the organization would not join either side.