USA Gypsum Receives Outstanding Green Small Business Award

CMRA member USA Gypsum was honored as this year's recipient for Outstanding Green Small Business award given by The SCORE Foundation and sponsored by Office Depot. SCORE - mentors to America's small business. USA Gypsum was honored for demonstrating unique vision, innovation and achievement as an Outstanding Green Small Business.

“It is with great pleasure that SCORE recognizes USA Gypsum for its small business success” says SCORE Communication Manager, Shalini Karnani Bonjour. “Innovation and growth by green small businesses, as demonstrated by USA Gypsum, are vital to building a cleaner and more sustainable nation.”

USA Gypsum, recycles drywall scraps from new construction projects. Contractors reduce disposal costs while improving the environment by preventing scraps from reaching landfills. There are many environmental benefits from recycling drywall. Instead of mining for more gypsum, natural resources can be conserved by recycling drywall scraps. Recent studies concluded that for every ton of gypsum diverted from landfills over 0.2 tons of Green House gases / CO2 equivalents are eliminated.