Thanks for the Memories

As I write my last words on the Pres-ident’s Page of C&D World, I cannot help but reflect on where the Construction Materials Recycling Association is as an organization. Even though we have been through some tough economic times during my tenure as president, I am happy to say the CMRA is in its best financial shape since its inception in 1996. From a membership perspective, the CMRA continues to grow. The reason for this is simple: people from around the country believe in the CMRA and what it can do for any organization involved in the construction or demolition business. It will be very interesting to see how the CMRA grows over the next 15 years.

Our board of directors is second to none with members that represent every facet of our industry from all around the country. I am very proud of our board and all of the commitments it has made and continue to make to assist our membership. As I start my two-year term as past president, I hand the reins to John Adelman, president of the CPRC Group in Maine. Valerie Motelcalvo, president of Bayshore Recycling in New Jersey, will take over as vice president of the CMRA. I implore you to meet these two individuals as well as all of our board members to really appreciate the depth of knowledge they bring to the table.

One of the exciting projects we are working on is a white paper that can be used by all members to show the benefits C&D recycling brings to your local area as well as those benefits on a national basis. From this document the CMRA proposes to define the environmental advantages and economic impact of the C&D recycling industry as a whole. On the environmental side, how much mining and foresting do our actions replace? How many greenhouse gases are not generated; natural resources saved; or landfill space not used? From the economic side of the equation, what is the size of our industry, in dollars and scope? How many are employed throughout our industry and what is the impact of our annual spending on our economy? Lets face it, as an organization we carry some real weight and I think it’s high time we threw it around to our benefit.

I said when I started writing this column I would change things up and have a little fun. From the cartoons I picked to the anecdotes I shared about my own life, I hope they brought you a smile. The comments I received about golf, my family and life lessons made me laugh and reflect on how much fun people can be in our industry. It all made me realize that C&D recycling really is in its infancy and we have laid the foundation for a very bright future. I invite you to be a part of that future and say simply the CMRA will always be here to lend you a hand!

Besides serving as the president of the CMRA, Hixon is vice president of ERRCO C&D Recycling which is under the umbrella of LL&S Recycling, Gateway Metal Recycling and DeVito Trucking with locations in Epping and Salem, N.H., and wholly owned by Reenergy Holdings LLC based out of Latham, N.Y.